22 Great Reasons Why to Blog

22 Great Reasons Why to Blog

Here are 22 great reasons why to blog. There has never been a better time to start a blog. You can start for free or for not much money. Either way get stuck into the list below and then start blogging.

1. It’s Fun

The best thing about bogging is that it is fun. Pick a topic you love, write about it and get noticed. What could be better?

2. You can earn money

With Adsense and Affiliate marketing you can earn money whilst you enjoy writing. These are both easy and free to do.

3. You’ll improve as a writer

The more you blog, the better you become. All the time you will be improving your writing ability.

4. You’ll make contact with new people

By posting content on your blog you will end up making new connections with people across the globe.

5. You’ll learn skills of value

As you develop your blogging muscles you are also developing a type of writing skill and SEO nause that you could potentially profit from.

6. You can become an expert in your field

When your blog goes mainstream, you will be recognised as an expert and may be asked for your opinion on matters that you write about.

7. It can lead onto other things

Many bloggers will get asked to write for other blogs, get book deals or write for magazines. This is not unusual and if you are open to the possibilities then other good things will come your way.

8. No rules

Write about your passion and show your personality. With no rules you can stand out by being you rather than conforming to someone elses idea of what is right.

9. No enforced deadlines

With no-one telling you when to blog you can dip in and out as and when you like. It’s suggested that you try and blog often (if you can) as it will help build an audience but no one is forcing you.

10. Blog to your own schedule

You can create your own schedule that suits you. Write every day, once a week or once a month. Either way it’s up to you.

11. Blog whenever you want

Blog at a time of day or night that suits you. Before everyone gets up, after they’ve gone to sleep. It doesn’t matter as you can do this when you want to.

12. Blog wherever you want

With internet access and a computer or tablet you can blog wherever you happen to be in the world, even your kitchen.

13. Develop your passion further

Blogging gives you the perfect excuse to develop a deeper understanding about what you are passionate about. Now you can turn your hobby into something that adds value to others and gives so much back.

14. Gain influence

If you want to have an influence over what others do or say about a particular topic then blogging can provide a great platform for this. As your audience grows and your writing improves you have the ability to shape the topic towards your way of thinking and this can influence others to think in a similar way.

15. Exercise your creativity

We all need creative outlets. Despite what you think about your ability through practise and persistence your skills will become refined and you can get joy from the creative outlet that blogging offers.

16. Improve your research abilities

Most bloggers start and can write 50 or so posts based upon what they have in their head. Beyond that they need to start researching for new ideas and sources of inspiration.

17. Try strategies with few consequences

You can try new ideas and let them fail with only having spent time and not great sums of money. If people aren’t reading what you are writing then you can change your style and try something else.

18. Your thinking skills will improve

To write insightful posts you need to be able to translate your thoughts into words. This in turn helps to develop your focus and improve your ability to see the various dimensions and pick a route through them.

19. You learn to accept being known

When you have a blog that is attracting thousands of visitors a day then it is likely that some folk will become interested in its author – you. By blogging you are putting your thoughts out there and getting known for your point of view.

20. You’ll love positive comments

Sure there are trolls on the internet and not everyone is going to be in love with everything you write. But when you get positive comments it can be a really great feeling and can give you a real buzz.

21. The world needs more bloggers

Whilst there are plenty of blogs out there covering a plethora of topics, there is still not enough great original content out there. Add to the good stuff by getting your content out there.

22. Why not

George Mallory, the English Mountaineer was famously quoted as responding to a reporter about why climb a mountain “Becuase it’s there”. Blog because you can and you want to.

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