Android Mini PC

£40 Android Mini PC first thoughts

I’ve been playing with a dual-core CPU, quad core GPU Android Mini PC running Jelly Bean 4.1.1. What I’ve found compelling about the device is that for £40 you can get such a capable device. I ordered mine from Amazon and it arrived within a few days. 1080p The Mini PC I ordered supports 60Hz 1080p screen resolution so it… Read more →

Connecting Nexus 4 to HDMI Screen

Connecting a Nexus 4 to a HDMI Screen

The Nexus 4 is an incredibly powerful smart phone with it’s quad core processor and 2Gb of Ram. With a spec like this it has almost the power of a fully fledged computer in your pocket. It’s therefore no surprise that the handset is more than capable of outputting 1080p high definition video to a compatible screen or running other… Read more →

Nexus 4 Video Camera Test

The following video was recorded using the Nexus 4 video camera under no special conditions. It has captured at 1080p and then once YouTube have been done with it compressed slightly to 720p. I’m impressed with the colour reproduction indoors and the ability to do a great job of capturing an unlit scene well. Considering the type of quality that… Read more →

7inch vs 10inch tablets

7″ vs 10″ Tablet Comparison

If you are in the market for your first tablet you are probably weighing up whether to buy a 7” or 10” device. Whilst it might seem like a straightforward choice it is worth reflecting on what you intend to use your tablet for before making the investment. This post is not going to look at what type of device… Read more →

Moving from iOS to Android

Moving from iOS to Android

Moving form iOS to Android is less painless than it might sound but there are some things that you might need to be aware of before making the jump. Not Compatible with iTunes protected Music / Films One of the iPhones strengths is it’s iPod Music capabilities and if you’ve spent time and money getting your digital media from the… Read more →