Birmingham Hyperlapse Experiment [video]

I’ve been playing about with Hyperlapse from Instagram on my iPhone and have shot the following video – which I like. It is a recording from the top deck of a bus as it journeys into the centre of Birmingham City Centre. It’s interesting to see various points along the way which then speed out of view – the footage is sped up by six times.

Wide view

What I found when making the recording (and watching it back) is that to get the most from the footage you need a wide view. In my opinion the best moments are when you get to glimpse around the streets. I also like seeing the bus stop signs and reading details on shop windows but the movement is a bit hard to keep up with.

Smooth out the video

Hyperlapse is free from Instagram (who are owned by Facebook) and uses some clever image stabilisation technology to smooth out bumpy video. You can read about how it does this by looking at this site. After it has worked its magic you can speed up the video and it still is watchable. If you were to do this before Hyperlapse the shake from your hand would make it almost unwatchable.

Let me know what you think

I’d really like to hear if you have been using Hyperlapse and what you think about it. Also, what do you think about my video? How do you think I could improve? If you have anything to add, drop me a line below and let me know.

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