Chromecast is now £40 at Amazon UK

Chromecast is now £40 at Amazon UK

Chromecast has hit an all-time low price on Amazon this week with it being available for £40. Being as Chromecast is now £40 it might surprise you that there is a free delivery option. So you only need shell out for the gizmo. The Chromecast app is now available worldwide, making it easy to fling content from your iOS device to… Read more →

Chromecast release date

Google Chromecast UK release date.

Whilst there currently isn’t an officially published release date I think that it will hit the UK shops on the 13th September 2013 to coincide with the new Nexus 7 (apparently ebuyer are now reporting that their Nexus 7’s will ship Aug 29th, so this may be bought forward). Expect pre-orders to be available mid to late August as this… Read more →