Connect a Roku LT to amp and speakers

Connect a Roku to amp and speakers

Roku is an excellent budget internet streamer that connects to your TV and wireless so that you can do things such as watching Netflix or listening to Spotify. You probably want to boost the sound that your TV pumps out so its a good idea to know how to connect your Roku to an amplifier and a set of speakers. There are two ways of doing this and may only require purchasing a HDMI cable (if you haven’t got one already).

HDMI and AV Cable

In the Box with the Roku you get an AV RCA component cable (the one with the red, white and yellow ends). If you plug this cable into your Roku and then connect the red and white ends to your amp and speakers, then bingo you’re wired for sound. Next up plug in your HDMI cable to the TV and you can now see what’s going on too.

The best thing about this approach is that you get the best quality image (courtesy of the HDMI cable) and don’t need to buy expensive audio equipment to make it function.

Unfortunately if you wanted to turn the screen off whilst playing music you’ll probably find that the music stops too. This is a bit of a shame as I like to put on an album and then turn off the screen but I’ll live with this limitation.

AV cable only

You can send the yellow component of the AV cable direct to the TV. This allows you to avoid getting hold of the HDMI cable and is dead simple. The downside to this approach so that the image quality of the component cable isn’t as good as that provided by HDMI. Also you always need to the amp running to get any sound. This might work for you but I think that being you can get a HDMI cable for a few pounds then that would always be my preferred option.

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  1. 23/02/2014 at 3:59 pm

    Your setup didn’t work exactly work for me but you gave me an idea. I have a receiver that is connected to in wall speakers. My tv is connected to the receiver as well. I use it for surround sound and the tv music stations. Using your suggestion I plugged my roku ino the vcr jacks on the receiver. Voila! Pandora through my Bose speakers! Thanks!

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