Connecting a Nexus 4 to a HDMI Screen

Connecting Nexus 4 to HDMI Screen

The Nexus 4 is an incredibly powerful smart phone with it’s quad core processor and 2Gb of Ram. With a spec like this it has almost the power of a fully fledged computer in your pocket. It’s therefore no surprise that the handset is more than capable of outputting 1080p high definition video to a compatible screen or running other media apps or games. If you want to enjoy large screen antics with your Nexus 4 then take a look at this adaptor [US Link] as it allows you to connect your phone to a HDMI display or projector.


Having used the Slim Port adaptor myself a few times I am incredibly pleased with the quality of the signal and the reliability of the connection. The connector is well made and has a micro USB pass through port which allows you to send images to your screen and charge the device at the same time. This is incredibly useful as a two hour film might eat into your battery without this ability.

Micro USB Adaptor


Connecting more to the Nexus 4

Given the power of the Nexus 4 I have also gone a step further and connected a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to test the device like a computer. As it is no slouch I’m impressed by what it is capable of but you may not like not having a pure mirror of what you see on your phone. In an ideal world the device would recognise that a higher definition display is connected and then give you more screen real estate to play with. Although I guess this is probably more to do with the apps than the technology. That said if you are short sighted all big text and icons might be a blessing.

Not cheap

In the balance £25 is not cheap for a HDMI adaptor if you compare against copy-cat far eastern imports . But this is a quality cable and of a similar build to those released by Apple for their products. When compared against Apple pricing this little gem stacks up and provides a very practical means of sharing video content when you are on the go.

If you want to see this adaptor in action have a little look at this video:

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