Connecting a Bluetooth Keyboard to an Apple TV

Connecting a Bluetooth Keyboard to an Apple TV

Apple TV’s are brilliant for watching YouTube videos but getting to what you want to watch can be a real trial. Fiddling around trying to input long words through the on screen keyboard often has me in fits of rage.

So, if you too you struggle with the onscreen keyboard to input stuff you wish to watch and either don’t own an iOS device or choose not to use the remote app then there is an alternative. By pairing a bluetooth keyboard you can circumvent needing to use the supplied remote and type on a real keyboard.

Setup the keyboard

Setting up a bluetooth keyboard is a relatively straight forward process. All you need do is:

1. On the Apple TV open Settings

Apple TV Settings

2. Select Bluetooth

Apple TV Bluetooth

3. Set your keyboard to be discoverable (this is usually by pressing a button on it). Once recognised by your Apple TV its name will appear on screen.

Apple TV Bluetooth Discovered

4. Type in the authorisation code that appears on screen

Apple TV Bluetooth Pairing Code

5. Start using your keyboard

I’m using a cheap keyboard which lasts for months with new batteries.

If you use a keyboard designed for iOS (like this one is), the home button takes you back a step which in conjunction with the arrow keys you can easily get around.

Under the sofa

I keep the keyboard under the sofa for when I want to complete searches through the Apple TV – means I don’t have to get up from my seated position!

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