Connecting a Midi Keyboard to iPad Air

Connecting Midi Keyboard to iPad Air <div class= ” width=”930″ height=”641″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-5922″ />

It’s amazing what you can do nowadays with a tablet and a few peripherals. There is enough power under the hood to enable you to create a rather impressive audio production and recording setup. To get you started this article shows you how to connect a Midi keyboard to your iPad Air.


The following components will allow you to connect an iOS approved Midi keyboard to your iPad Air:

Midi Keyboard (I’m using Novation Launchkey Mini) [US Link]
Lightning Camera Adapter [US Link]

Easy Huh!

Okay, so if you look at the photo you may notice that I am using another adapter and this is because I’m using an older 30 pin camera kit plugged into a lightning to 30 pin adapter. It’s a bit more clunky but I already had these bits so wasn’t going to buy other stuff just for the sake of it.

Connecting Up

Connecting things up couldn’t be easier. Plug the camera adapter to the iPad Air and then attach the midi keyboard. If you find that your midi keyboard requires more power than the iPad Air is able to provide then (if possible) plug in an external power supply. Failing that you can follow this guide and use a powered USB hub to give the necessary juice to your attached kit.


If you haven’t done so already then install GarageBand. It’s free for owners of new iPads. Next off if you are using a Novation product then head over and grab the free apps from Novation. These are a good starting point without having to splash any cash. If like me, you appreciate the sound of synthesisers then I suggest taking a look at Thor from Propellerheads and Animoog from Moog. They both sound brilliant, connect to GarageBand and work easily with all manner of midi keyboards.

Next Steps

A powered set of speakers takes this setup to the next level and you can do much worse than the Alesis M1 320 Active USB Monitors [US Link]. I’d be interested in hearing if and how you are taking this further, so please get in touch.


I’ve recorded a short video showing the setup in action:

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