Not Fishing – episode 1

Not Fishing - episode 1

So we finally got around to recording a video conversation which you can watch here:

Not Fishing – named because we are not fishing and instead having a chat about stuff. The ‘show’ is a discussion between two friends over the internet about things that pique their interest. Matt Goymer from and I sip a drink and chat about things like Twitter, Facebook and beer amongst other things. We recorded the Skype conversation using Call Recorder software from ecamm. We chose to do this because, despite our best efforts, we could we were unable to record our conversation in public. It’s also much easier to be sat at home and record the chat where we can control things like lighting and background noise.

We’d love to hear what you think about Not Fishing and if there is something you’d like us to mention during one in the future. We hope to make this a regular thing but need to get a few under our belt before we understand how frequently they are likely to get published.

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