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I’ve started a small collection of free images available for you to use in your projects using the creative commons license agreement. The deal is, if you use any of these images that you just have to link to the license and link back to this site – pretty easy. In return you get to use and adapt these images any way you see fit. I’m expecting that they are most likely going to turn up on technology blogs but we’ll have to wait and see…

Easy Access

To get access to the full size versions of the files, head over to or click on the Images tab at the top and scroll through what is available.

Small Collection

The collection has started small as it is taking me some time to photograph and edit the images so they can be used by others. I’m intending for the collection to grow and once I have enough I’ll probably sort out some form of organisation. But for now you need to search with your eyes.

Possible Developments

As mentioned above I would like to set up categories, tags and have the images searchable on their own. The thing is though, all of that would take a considerable amount of time and effort to set up. So, these features may be added later but for now I’m going to focus on getting more up.

Why Creative Commons?

I’m keen for these images to be used far and wide but still want some recognition for the effort that I have put into them. Whether taking, editing or host the images files it all takes time and energy that I wish to be acknowledged for. Creative Commons gives me and you this freedom without too much effort on any side.

I’ve used Creative Commons licensed images on this site and in a small way would like to contribute to the cause. They’ve saved me a load of time and I hope the images I provide will do the same for others.

Why Not Flickr?

I realise that you can use Flickr for hosting Creative Commons images and may be something I do in the future. I am more interested in getting people to view them on this site and provide the resources myself. This may change but for now, Head4Space is where it is at.

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