iOS 7 beta 2 resolves speed issues on iPhone 4

iOS 7 beta 2 resolves speed issues on iPhone 4

iOS 7 beta 2

I wrote here about iOS 7 being occasionally slow on my iPhone 4 especially when doing things like flipping between web pages in Safari and using Flipboard. I’ve just upgraded to iOS beta 2 and can happily report that these slow downs are far less apparent. I’d even go as far to say that they’re pretty much gone. This bodes well for the final release of iOS 7 as this means that Apple are managing to resolve issues in such a way that all of their users are likely to be delighted with the final product.


The upgrade itself couldn’t have been easier. By just going into Settings -> General -> Software Update it was about 20 minutes wait until the update had downloaded and ran. This was far easier than downloading a model specific file and uploading it through XCode. I guess this is a chance for Apple to beta test the upgrade routines…

Google Plus

It also seems that Google Plus is much more stable now. This was an app that I missed a bit during my short time using beta 1. But as an intrepid explorer you sometimes find yourself in mild discomfort.

It’s still a beta

I’m under no illusion that everything will work perfectly first time – it’s still a beta. But to be able to have my main concern alleviated so quickly has made me start to think about installing the beta on my iPad Mini. Although before I do I think I’ll use the iPhone for a little while longer as I can tolerate that going south, whilst I would struggle without my iPad.


Overall then I’d say that I’m much happier with the latest beta as this is getting closer to the stability of a final release. I much prefer the new interface. Whilst there are folk that complain about the influence of Android and Windows Phone, I think that they have managed to make a lovely unified Apple experience.

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  1. MTT24
    02/07/2013 at 6:07 am

    hey thanks mani was looking all over for this!

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