3 Free iPad Task Management Software Tools to try

3 Free iPad Task Management Software Tools

Whether you carry an iPad or iPad Mini around for work I’m sure that you will have some need to manage tasks. With that in mind I thought I’d look at some of the task management software tools available. This article will look these so that you can see what might work in your productivity arsenal.


A good place to start this journey is with Reminders. Introduced as part of iOS 6 Reminders offers simple task capture and alerting functionality. One thing that it offers over and above the competition is siri integration. This means that you can add a task to your task list by voice command alone. Bear in mind however that you will need an iPad 3 or later to be able to use siri.

Putting the siri factor to one side Reminders seamlessly synchronises tasks between iOS and OSX devices. And you can also access the task list from www.icloud.com.  One other neat feature is for Reminders to alert you when you arrive or leave a destination. As a heavy Reminders user I can honestly say I’ve not used this feature but am sure that it will strike a chord with some people.

In summary Reminders is very straight forward task management app aimed at individuals. There is no easy way to pass tasks to co-workers for completion.  As a consequence this will appeal more to those that like to dispense with paper lists and keep things digital.


Wunderlist provides a very similar set of features to Reminders with the focus being on individual users rather than teams of workers. The main advantage Wunderlist has over Reminders is if you wish to be able to access and update your task list from a Windows PC or Android phone. There are cross platform apps and applications available for Wunderlist making it great for those who aren’t settled into a particular eco-system.

Wunderlist has a quirky appearance which I personally approve of. With the ability to select a background of your choice this level of customisation is welcome and adds a degree of personality otherwise lacking in the majority of task management software.

Wunderlist excels at syncing between the various apps and applications, with access to a web app too you should never find yourself short of tasks to do. This is my go-to task management tool for use on none Apple systems.

Google Keep

A new comer to the task management software arena Google Keep enables quick and painless task capturing and note taking. An interesting feature is the ability to capture a check list within a single note. If you think of Keep as somewhere between Evernote and Reminders (or Wunderlist) then you get the idea.

Google Keep currently doesn’t have an official iOS app so instead you will need to access through the web app http://drive.google.com/keep. There are 3rd party apps which allow you to access your task list but these aren’t really a substitute for an official app.

The web app does work incredibly well in Safari so setting up a Bookmark to get access to your list is a good idea.

Last Thoughts

There are other task management software tools on the market, many with lots of fabulous features. But for folk on the go who need to keep a track of things I think these are some of the best task management software tools available. When you consider how easy to use they are and how they protect you from data loss I wouldn’t want to be without them. 


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