iPhone 4, 5, 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Screen Dimensions

iPhone 4, 5, 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Screen Dimensions

When thinking about the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phones I realised that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how big they were. After looking at Apples site I still wanted more. Specifically I wanted to know how big the displays were – especially in relation to my iPhone 5S. So to stop myself going mad and avoid waiting until the 19th of September I decided to do some investigation…


Having done my research I came up with the following diagram:

iPhone Screen Dimensions

This has the iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 6 Plus screens side by side, so you can get a sense of how big the iPhone 6 Plus actually is.

Only diagonal dimensions

Looking at the Apple website there only appears to be diagonal dimensions for the screens listed. Sure, it provides you with details about how big the whole phone is but I wanted to know specifically about the screen real estate. So I had to get my calculator out.

Pixels = Ratio

The pixel count and therefore screen ration changes slightly from one generation to another. So I used the figures from the Apple website to determine the exact ratio between width and height. Once I had that info I could then extrapolate the height and width details from the diagonal measurement.

I’m counting on you Apple

For these numbers to be accurate I’m reliant on the published dimensions in inches being spot on – oh and I’ve assumed that the pixels are equally tall as they are wide. I’m betting that these are pretty safe assumptions given Apples reputation for precision engineering.


Whilst determining whether I’d got my calculations right I decided to measure my iPhone 5S. At first things seemed a little off as it looked like I had calculated a smaller screen. Under close scrutiny however I noticed that there is a tiny black border that surrounds the active pixels. This gives the impression that the screen is slightly larger than it actually is. So if you plan to compare my measurements against your own device you will need to look at the active pixel area and not what appears to be screen.

Another, less detailed observation is how big the iPhone 6 Plus is going to be. It looks like it will be great for those that want to replace an iPad Mini with what essentially is an iPhone Maxi. But I suspect that many will plump for the slightly more manageable iPhone 6 as 4.7 inches is plenty big enough for most phone users.