Manage Followers with this cool app

Followorks HD from Minoworks is an excellent app for keeping a tab on who is and isn’t following you on Twitter. The beauty of this is that you can quickly unfollow those that aren’t repaying the favour without spending ages trawling through profiles. As this can be a real drag. Instead you click on screen, it swirls around and then will presents you with two lists:

  • Who you are following but they are not following back
  • Who is following you but you aren’t following them

Armed with this information you can quickly Unfollow or Follow Tweeps to balance things up a little. Ideally you would not want to be following loads more people than you have as followers – the exception if you are starting out.

For £2.99 this app can save you lots of time and effort which would be better spent on developing ideas and cultivating your following. I’m a big fan of the app and suggest you give it a go.


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