Do I Need a Keyboard for my iPad Air?

Do I Need a Keyboard for my iPad Air?

You may be wondering whether you need a keyboard for your iPad Air as it already has an onscreen keyboard built in. This may be good enough if you mostly use your iPad for consuming content but if you are trying to use your iPad Air for work then a bluetooth keyboard may be required. This article explores some of the reasons why you need a keyboard and where you should look to procure one.


The main reason that iPad Air owners purchase a keyboard for their tablet is productivity. If you use your iPad as a means to access and send email then a keyboard can take some of the pain out of the process. Alternatively you may use your iPad for writing and editing documents. This kind of work has become even more prevalent following the release of Word, Excel and Powerpoint for the iPad. It’s not that you couldn’t do this kind of work before. But if you are working with others that use Windows computers then chances are they will send you Word docs or Excel files. Being able to edit on the move is certainly possible with the onscreen keyboard but gets that much easier with a good quality bluetooth keyboard.

Long Form Writing

If you are going to write more then get a keyboard. Irrespective of which app you use, the more words you write the more likely you will want something physical to write with. The iPad Air has such excellent battery life and teamed with a keyboard is a brilliant writing companion. So whether you are writing a blog post, an eBook, or your next novel having a keyboard will make life easier. Of course this article was written on a keyboard case attached to my iPad Air – it just works.

Protect Your iPad Air

With the right iPad Air keyboard case you can not only be more productive but also protect your investment. Whether this is protecting the display or the whole unit depends upon your needs. Something like the Zagg Keys Folio Case does an excellent job of protecting your iPad whilst giving you a great keyboard to type on.

Another less well documented form of protection comes in the form of disguising your device. If you use your iPad in coffee shops a lot then not showing off an expensive device might go in your favour. Apple devices scream quality and finesse. But that can also attract some less desirable attention. So, if you are worried about using your pride and joy in public then having it in a keyboard case can make it look less fancy.

Hold the iPad Up

Whilst you are writing away you are probably going to want your iPad to be held up. Many of the iPad Air bluetooth keyboards either allow you to set your iPad at a given angle or hold your iPad in a hinge which gives some freedom to the angle it is set at. With the right keyboard case you can use your iPad with keyboard on your lap without having to set it up on a table. Depending upon your particular use case this may or may not be a deal breaker when selecting a keyboard.

Where to Buy

My advice is to do conduct your research, and then find your preferred device through Amazon. Most makes and model are available through Amazon and you are protected by their terms of service – even if you buy through a 3rd party.

What to Buy

My personal favourite is the Zagg Keys Folio for my iPad Air. For a keyboard case the typing experience is as good as it gets and cased hinge means that my iPad Air is set at an angle that is comfortable. That said by looking around and reading a few reviews you may come to a slightly different conclusion. If you do we’d love to hear which keyboard you prefer and why.

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