New Apple TV Drops Optical Audio Output

Apple TV Optical Output

The new Apple TV (4th generation) has lots of additional features to please sofa surfers, like a fancy new remote and revamped interface called tvOS. Unfortunately, as tends to happen, a feature used by music lovers has been dropped and will only be available on older models. The optical audio output allowed music lovers and cinema audio buffs to connect their Apple TV to a more power stereo system, or to a digital receiver.

Have a look at the comparison from the Apple website:

Apple TV Comparison

Cost Saving?

Apple will, no doubt, have cost saving reasons to simplify what the Apple TV can connect to. Also, the 3rd generation Apple TV is still available, should this be of great importance. There will come a time, when the 3rd generation Apple TV is no longer available and this kind of connectivity disappears along with it.

What This Looks Like

If you are not sure what I mean, have a look at this post which shows you how to connect up a stereo using the optical output and a few inexpensive components. The beauty of this kind of solution is that it does not rely on the TV being switched on.

I guess there is not much that can be done about the situation, just be happy the feature was available for as long as it was.

Hot under the collar?

Are you bothered by the omission of the optical output on the new Apple TV? If so, let us know by leaving a comment below. Also, if it’s no biggie, we’d love to hear why.

  2 comments for “New Apple TV Drops Optical Audio Output

  1. dtmp
    12/09/2015 at 1:39 pm

    So does that mean no more surround for movies and tv shows, or is that still available through the HDMI? I use the optical out into my surround component and I’ve come to love all the dialog set in the center channel. I find the stereo mixes are hard to EQ

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