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Having just purchased a Raspberry Pi I found that if you purchase all of the components from one supplier that it can cost a lot more than necessary. Here is a list of components sourced from RS Components and Amazon that will enable you to get your Pi working and save you a few pennies along the way.

Raspberry Pi £25.92
Case £4.79
8Gb SanDisk SD Card £5.92
HDMI Cable £1.95
MicroUSB Cable £0.90
USB Plug £2.99
Cat5e Cable £0.84
Keyboard & Mouse £7.15

RS Shipping £4.95

All other components are FREE shipping

Total Spend: £54.57

By my reckoning you’ve saved yourself £7.49 by purchasing the components separately but ended up with 8Gb storage compared to 4Gb. If you don’t believe me get the calculator out yourself and tot it all up.


With all that now on order you still need a screen with a HDMI port (unless you plan to run it headless). If you only have a monitor which supports VGA then you can buy an adaptor which will convert from digital HDMI to analogue VGA. For around £15 this saves you having to buy another screen and will get you going.

Raspberry Pi Libre Office


It pays to shop around when buying computer components. I’m sure that if you searched places like eBay or eBuyer that you would find other ways of shaving a few pence off the overall cost. And whilst I use eBay a fair bit for myself I prefer to recommend Amazon as they’ve always provided to be excellent when it comes to customer service and making things right.


I personally haven’t purchased the keyboard, mouse or HDMI to VGA convertor as I already have bits that do this job for me.They made this list because of positive feedback on Amazon and great value for money. If you do end up buying these please stop by and let me know what you thought of them. Everything else I purchased from their respective links.

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