Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Adsense Dashboard

Raspberry Pi Adsense Dashboard

The Raspberry Pi is an incredibly versatile little guy and perfect as a low powered (as in energy consumption) way of keeping tabs on things. I’m a sucker for keeping an eye on my Adsense performance and find myself constantly opening a browser window just to see if there has been any movement. If you are a bit like me… Read more →

Pi Digital Signage

Raspberry Pi Digital Signage

Probably the least expensive digital signage solution out there has got to be a Raspberry Pi running Screenly. Screenly is an open source project which allows you to upload digital assets and schedule them for a given period of time. Why Pi If your digital signage requirements aren’t too demanding then the Pi draws very little power and doesn’t have… Read more →

PiDav - Raspberry Pi WebDav

PiDav – WebDav Raspberry Pi Tutorial – Part Two

In part one of the WebDav Raspberry Pi tutorial you were shown how to set up your Pi with Apache. http://www.head4space.com/pidav-webdav-raspberry-pi-tutorial-part-one/ Apache will act as your web serving part of the PiDav solution. Next up I will show you how to setup WebDav and configure a user so that you can securely connect and save files on you WebDav server.… Read more →

Raspebrry Pi Shopping List

Raspberry Pi Shopping List

Having just purchased a Raspberry Pi I found that if you purchase all of the components from one supplier that it can cost a lot more than necessary. Here is a list of components sourced from RS Components and Amazon that will enable you to get your Pi working and save you a few pennies along the way. Raspberry Pi… Read more →