Run Android Apps on Your Mac or PC

If you ever felt the need to run Android apps on a Mac or PC then BlueStacks is for you.

BlueStacks is an Android emulator that will run on your desktop or laptop and run most (I’ve not tried em all) apps within a window. It seems to work well with games and apps that do not rely on accelerometers or gestures that get the most from them. So if you are using an app that works well with one finger then it is likely to work well in BlueStacks.

To test this out I’ve downloaded Angry Birds Space which runs perfectly on my i5 MacBook Air. Sure this is a relatively powerful computer but is by no means top of the line. I’m sure that it will run on lower spec equipment just as well and worth spending 15 minutes giving it a go.

In my experience the graphics and sound are spot on and although this is still in Beta I haven’t found it unstable. I’m sure there are apps out there which would cause this a problem but in my experiments I have yet to find them. But don’t take my word for it BlueStacks is freely available to download and try playing with today.

I’d be keen to hear if you’ve installed BlueStacks on a PC as currently I’ve only tried it on a Mac.

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