Running CheapCast on Android Mini PC – Chromecast Competition

Running Cheapcast on Android Mini PC - Chromecast Competition

You can now download a free app which allows you to cast information from one display to another. The app emulates the core functionality of Chromecast and allows you to share content from Chromecast enables apps to it. At the moment this is mostly limited to Google apps but as Chromecast expect the list to expand.

Android Mini PC

If you already have an Android Mini PC plugged into a large screen (possibly acting as a media centre) then this is the perfect app to experiment with. The developer does point out however that this is currently beta software and don’t be surprised if you find the odd bug or incompatibility.

Nexus 4

I’ve found that it works just fine with my Nexus 4 connecting to my Android Mini PC stick plugged into a HDMI display. The wireless signal needs to be good but this is more a limitation of the cheap wireless chipset in the Mini PC and not anything to do with the apps. I was surprised and impressed to find out how easy it was to get going and if you have a couple of Android devices you can give it a whirl by installing it from the Google Play Store today.

Here’s a video of CheapCast in action: