Samsung Chromebook Pro Looks Like The Next Must-Hust Laptop

Samsung Chromebook Pro

Samsung have recently leaked and then removed details from its Korean website. Fortunately, copies of the content were captured and have been doing the rounds of the internet ever since. From what’s now common knowledge, Samsung are going to include:

  • a high resolution 2400 x 1600 234 ppi display
  • 4GB RAM
  • latest Rockchip processor
  • 32GB of storage
  • a touchscreen display
  • 10 hours battery life
  • 1 year AirDroid subscription

It seems Samsung are going all premium for their next Chromebook release.


Here are some marketing photos from the original site:


Not content with ramming the laptop with lots of power, Samsung has taken the unusual option of including a stylus (or pen). This has the potential to elevate Chromebooks into a mixture of a productivity and creative tool. For me, this feels like the killer feature worthy of my money. As a long term iPad and Chromebook Flip user, I’ve longer for a laptop / pen combo which isn’t encumbered by the excesses of Windows. You see, I like simple, fast and elegant when I’m roaming around and will go back to Windows or Mac OS when some more heavy lifting is required.

Android Apps

With the touch screen, stylus and Android Apps all in the mix, I’m expecting to be able to use the Samsung Chromebook Pro for handwritten notes – either using Evernote or OneNote and then doing the odd bit of image editing / sketching. It’s a shame, Skitch is no longer available for Android as I’m sure that would be one of the many easy to use tools I’d be looking to run on this device.


Since the Google Pixel Chromebook, many manufacturers have gotten their head around the fact, buyers want premium materials. The new Samsung Chromebook Pro does not disappoint. The leaked specs suggest the new Chromebook is going to be an all aluminium affair with rounded edges – reminiscent of the later iPhones and iPads. This is another winning choice from Samsung as it allows them to charge a little more for their device and people are prepared to pay for top quality kit.


For many (my self included) low resolution screens on Chromebooks can be hard to swallow. For me, it was the reason I couldn’t stick with the Acer C720. Things improved dramatically with the Pixel and there has since been a number of IPS and HD displays which are enjoyable to use. Samsung have plumped for a 12.3in 2400 x 1600 display, which should be super sharp. So if you are after clean crisp text, then the screen should not disappoint.

Am I going to buy?

Obviously, I need to wait for the price and release date to be announced. Also, as a UK resident I need to wait until the is a UK release date for the Samsung Chromebook Pro. Assuming the device falls into the sub – £500 category, I can very much see myself parting with hard earned cash to get me one of these beauties.

Are you going to buy?

If you are seriously considering getting a Samsung Chromebook Pro, please get in touch by leaving a comment below. What is it about the spec which appeals most and how much are you prepared to spend on this laptop?

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