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USB-C Chromebook Car Charger

USB-C Chromebook Car Charger

USB-C Chromebook Car Charger Looking for a safe USB-C Chromebook Car Charger  to keep you topped up whilst on the move? Want to be able to charge other USB devices – say an Android phone, or 45W MacBook? Not sure if you are going to get enough power and waste a bunch of money? Well, look no further, your searching can… Read more →

FTP Server Using Chromebook

Connect to FTP Server using a Chromebook

So you want to connect to an FTP server using a Chromebook? As you probably already know, chromebooks are excellent web development devices. With their lightweight footprint and full Chrome browser, they are well suited to this work. However, connecting to FTP server is not that easy a task – until now. With the advent of Android apps coming to… Read more →

Sending and receiving text messages on your Chromebook - Main Image

Sending and receiving text messages on your Chromebook

  Please note, this topic has been revisited more recently in this post. How would you like to send and receive SMS text messages from your Chromebook? Interested? Read on. Short Message Service (SMS) or text messages have been around since the dawn of mobile phones. To this day, they are still king for brief text-based conversations. Now, thanks to… Read more →

Android Mini PC Media Centre

Build a cheap Android Media Centre

There has been an explosion of people wanting to use devices such as the Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku to watch media on the large screen. These gadgets allow you to stream media over the internet and are small enough to fling in a bag if you want that same experience elsewhere (internet access permitting). I’ve been experimenting with an… Read more →