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FTP Server Using Chromebook

Connect to FTP Server using a Chromebook

So you want to connect to an FTP server using a Chromebook? As you probably already know, chromebooks are excellent web development devices. With their lightweight footprint and full Chrome browser, they are well suited to this work. However, connecting to FTP server is not that easy a task – until now. With the advent of Android apps coming to… Read more →

Asus Chromebook Flip Keyboard

If you are in the market for an Asus Chromebook Flip [UK Link] and doing online research you may want to know more about the keyboard. As one of the key methods of input and being a little bit smaller than the average laptop I’ve written this article to give you as much detail as I can. Smaller, but not… Read more →

12 Awesome Chromebook Accessories Featured Image

12 Awesome Chromebook Accessories

The following Chromebook accessories will make your awesome Chromebook, even more awesome. Whether it’s pimping your sound or because you want to look better in Hangouts, the items in list below are all tried and tested winners. So stop searching in vain and have a look at these little beauties. USB Webcam The king of Chromebook webcams has to be… Read more →

Asus Chrombook Flip Tablet Mode

Asus Chromebook Flip Tablet Mode

It’s not hard to find great reviews of the Asus Chromebook Flip [UK Link]. Whether, from a big name site such as Engadget or lesser known sites, its not hard to find an overall positive review. What you may have noticed, is how they tend to focus on use in laptop mode and skim the Asus Chromebook Flip tablet functionality.… Read more →

Sending and receiving text messages on your Chromebook - Main Image

Sending and receiving text messages on your Chromebook

How would you like to send and receive SMS text messages from your Chromebook? Interested? Read on. Short Message Service (SMS) or text messages have been around since the dawn of mobile phones. To this day, they are still king for brief text-based conversations. Now, thanks to a clever piece of software called ‘Pushbullet,’ it is possible to send new… Read more →