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12 Awesome Chromebook Accessories Featured Image

12 Awesome Chromebook Accessories

The following Chromebook accessories will make your awesome Chromebook, even more awesome. Whether it’s pimping your sound or because you want to look better in Hangouts, the items in list below are all tried and tested winners. So stop searching in vain and have a look at these little beauties. USB Webcam The king of Chromebook webcams has to be… Read more →

Connecting Nexus 4 to HDMI Screen

Connecting a Nexus 4 to a HDMI Screen

The Nexus 4 is an incredibly powerful smart phone with it’s quad core processor and 2Gb of Ram. With a spec like this it has almost the power of a fully fledged computer in your pocket. It’s therefore no surprise that the handset is more than capable of outputting 1080p high definition video to a compatible screen or running other… Read more →