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Working Smarter is Smart Work

Working Smarter is Smart Work

Information workers these days need to take time to think about what they do and how they do it. Working Smarter allows you get things done quicker whilst you need to engage your grey matter. Take time to select the ONE THING [US Link] to do each day that will make everything either redundant or easier to complete. This one thing may jump… Read more →

Don't Wait for Approval

Don’t wait for approval

If you are interested in starting your own venture then there is no time like the present. No one is going to give you the approval you need to get going. In fact you are more likely to encounter detractors than supporters. Why detractors exist Detractors exist to help maintain the status quo. You shouldn’t have to look too far… Read more →

iPad for Business - Lets Do Some Work

10 Reasons to use and iPad for business

Most people now understand that computers play a vital role in setting up and running businesses but still see the iPad as a gadget to watch films on. There is a growing number of business folk who are seeing benefits from using an iPad and you too could become one of this growing army. This post lists 10 great reasons… Read more →