Take longer notes with Siri in iOS 7.1

Take longer notes with Siri in iOS 7.1

If you are using as iPhone or iPad and haven’t updated to the latest version then do this first. There are a bunch of improvements in terms of stability and performance that everyone should enjoy. WiTh that done you can also enjoy the ability to manually control when Siri stops listening thereby allowing you to take longer notes.

To try this out hold down the home button to wake up Siri and speak the words add note. You’ll be then prompted by Siri to say what’s on your mind. If at this point you hold down the home button again whilst you talk you will not get interrupted mid flow.


In my experimenting with this new feature I’ve found that it works best when you use Siri to capture a couple of sentences at a time. Much more than this and you start running into the danger of Siri forgetting what you’ve just said.

“Add to note”

Once you’ve said your few sentences you can continue with the “add to note” vocal command. This then allows you to build up a speech to text document a few sentences at a time.

Unnatural at first

I did however find using Siri for dictation a little unnatural at first. I guess that this is because I’m so used to typing my thoughts. But unnatural is good, as it allows you to capture a first draft in a far more conversational tone that isn’t necessarily that easy when inputting from a keyboard.


You will still need to spend a bunch of time editing whatever comes out of Siri if you want others to be able to make sense of what you have written. This is because the voice recognition doesn’t always get it right first time. In fact some of the errors can be down right entertaining.


I see this has a massive potential for blogging. Especially those that have ideas but find that a keyboard can slow the. Down when they are in the flow.


I’d actually like a way for Siri to be doing dictation without having to hold the button down. Some form of on screen button could make this a bit easier as holding down the home button on a iPad feels a bit odd. I’ve yet to give this a go on an iPhone but suspect that this may feel better so I’ll reserve judgement on that front.

Give it a go

So if you are on iOS 7.1 then have a play with this new feature of Siri. If you do any form of electronic communication then I’d expect you will come up with a multitude of ways how this can benefit your work flow.

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