Updated Evernote Web Clipper makes annotating web pages easy

Updated Evernote Web Clipper makes annotating web pages easy

Evernote is one of my top productivity apps performing its function as a second brain so admirably. What I particularly like about the service is how it is constantly evolving adding further value to the mix. The latest Evernote web clipper extension allows you to quickly and easily capture a web page, annotate it using tools familiar to skitch users and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by email. Oh and it also uploads to Evernote…

Not only does it do all of the above but it is available for all major browsers on the Mac and PC:

Evernote Web Clipper Download Options

Having just tried the new Evernote web clipper extension and watched the video below, I’m incredibly impressed at how easy this new feature is to use.


I expect that this will replace my previous method of capture – firing up Skitch as it provides an even better experience than that. As with most new features from Evernote this product deepens my relationship with it and encourages me to use the tool more.

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