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Free Technology Images

I’ve started a small collection of free images available for you to use in your projects using the creative commons license agreement. The deal is, if you use any of these images that you just have to link to the license and link back to this site – pretty easy. In return you get to use and adapt these images… Read more →

New Head4Space YouTube Channel 2

New Head4Space YouTube Channel

I’ve set up a new Head4Space YouTube channel and would love it if you could subscribe to my videos. Over the coming weeks and months you can expect there to be loads of valuable information that will help you get stuff done. So if you want in on the ground floor subscribe to the channel as more good stuff is… Read more →

YouTube Videos in Wikipedia

See Related YouTube Videos in Wikipedia

The WikiTube Chrome extension inserts related YouTube videos into Wikipedia pages. So when you are researching a topic you not only get access to words and pictures but video too. Once you’ve added the extension all you need do is search Wikipedia for something. Related videos then appear embedded at the top of the page – in a similar fashion… Read more →

22 Great Reasons Why to Blog

22 Great Reasons Why to Blog

Here are 22 great reasons why to blog. There has never been a better time to start a blog. You can start for free or for not much money. Either way get stuck into the list below and then start blogging. 1. It’s Fun The best thing about bogging is that it is fun. Pick a topic you love, write… Read more →

phablet comparison chart

Phablet Comparison Chart

There appears to be a trickle of phone / tablet cross over devices coming on to the market so I thought it might be interesting to look at the various options and compare their specs. One thing that is immediately obvious to me is that the Asus FonePad is significantly cheaper than the alternatives but still offers a similar level… Read more →

Nexus 4 Landscape Homescreen

Google Nexus 4 Landscape Homescreen

If you’ve wanted to have your Google Nexus 4 run a landscape homescreen then this utility is for you. Ultimate Rotation Control overrides the standard Android settings and enables you to run a landscape home screen. This feature is not available out of the box so for the time being you need to install 3rd party software to get what… Read more →