Why doesnt Nexus 4 support OTG cables

Why doesn’t Nexus 4 support OTG cables?

Here’s why Nexus 4 phones do not natively support On The Go (OTG) Cables. Hardware Support For the Nexus 4 to be able to support USB devices they need to be cable of delivering 5V power supply. The Nexus 4 doesn’t have this capability so instead of delivering a poor experience where mice, keyboards and USB sticks do not work… Read more →

Flipboard vs Feedly

Flipboard vs Feedly

Both Flipboard and Feedly offer compelling alternatives in the wake of Google announcing the demise of Reader. This blog post aims to compare the two services to help you with the switch decision. Look and Feel This is quite a subjective area and it depends on where you err more towards slickness or simplicity. Flipboard certainly is slicker than Feedly.… Read more →

House of Correction

When the internet is not available

Life continues when the internet is not available – really. I’m writing this post whilst away in Lincolnshire in the House of Correction. Unfortunately because the walls are so thick and the place is a little bit isolated, so the mobile phone signal is inadequate and the facilities of the house do not stretch to broadband-ed WIFI. Rather than panic… Read more →

Search for Calculator in Google

If you need a calculator in a rush and haven't got the desire to go through downloading an app for that then this top tip is for you. Search Google for the word calculator in your web browser of choice (here I'm using Safari on iPad) and the top third of the results provides a simple scientific calculator. I was… Read more →


6 Google Tools You Should Be Using

Google provide some amazing tablet and web apps free of charge that can make your life easier. Here are the top six tools from the Google stable that you should consider using on a regular basis: Tablet Apps 1. Google Drive Draft blog content for free on the online word processor and keep tabs of what you’ve posted where in… Read more →

Make Google Plus your go-to social network

Even More Social With Google Communities

Google Communities is an excellent new feature of Google Plus and provides Plus users with a simple way of keeping in touch. The format is dead simple. If you’ve ever used or seen a forum then you know how communities works. It’s this emphasis on simplicity which makes Communities so good. Sure there are fewer people on Google Plus than… Read more →

Some final thoughts for 2012

As 2012 draws to a close I wanted to reflect on a few things that have happened here at www.head4space.com towers. Blogging got serious This is the year I finally got into gear with the blogging and have managed to consistently produce content – sometimes not as much as I’d like but more so than any previous year. I’ve done… Read more →

What is WebDav and why should I care?

What is WebDav and why should I care? What is WebDav? WebDav is an extension of the HTTP protocol which makes the internet work. Where WebDav becomes interesting is that it makes the web read / write rather than read only. It also provides a framework which allows documents to be stored on a web server and records details of… Read more →

Google Street View Lurking Robot

Odd Google Street Views

Spend about 15 minutes on Google Street View and you start to find some cool and odd things. The lurking robot was taken by a Google car – Birmingham Central Library. It’s amazing how well framed the head is… I found this quirky image after about 20 minutes of virtually driving around Birmingham City Centre. I think it has a… Read more →