Work anywhere experiment

Work Anywhere Experiment

So I’m doing a real life work anywhere experiment – working from home but not actually being at home.

My wife and I are enjoying a lovely Easter Bank holiday in Devon and whilst my wife continues to have a nice break I’m going to be working during the day. We are renting a place for the rest of the week that has WIFI access and reasonable mobile phone service. With my laptop and mobile phone I have access to the same tools that I use whilst working at home.

Lessons to learn

What I want to learn from the exercise is:

  • Can I work anywhere
  • What are the limiting factors
  • How is this different to working on the road
  • Can I work anywhere

    At home I have a proper set up – desk, big screen, printer etc. My mobile office really boils down to laptop, tablet and mobile phone. I use the tablet instead of paper for reading documents that get sent to me and use the laptop and phone as you’d expect. I’m not sure what cables, adapters and gadgets that I have access to at home. Hopefully this exercise will help me work out whether I need all of the stuff that I have grown dependent upon. It’ll be great if I can lighten the amount of paraphernalia as this stuff can become a bit of a mill stone.

    What are the limiting factors

    I actually embrace limitations as it often forces creative solutions but there may be limitations that make life difficult. If any of these unknown elements become apparent then I’ll report back as it might help someone else.

    How is this different from working on the road

    I’m well used to being out and about, doing work as I go. This has provided me with a number of insights about battery life and weight of device. I think that there will be subtle differences about working this way that will surface when I start doing it in anger. I’m not exactly sure what they are but look forward from learning as I go.


    I start this four day experiment tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing how this all pans out. My wife is out exploring whilst I start to conduct this work anywhere experiment.

    How about you?

    Is this something you do? Are you a digital nomad? Or are you about to follow a similar path and start experimenting with working anywhere? Either way let me know as I’d love to hear about experiences.

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