Better Skype, Lync, Hangouts and Conference Call Audio

Better Skype, Lync, Hangouts and Conference Call Audio

Many information workers these days will be accustomed to spending hours on the phone, Skype, Lync, Hangouts or part of conference calls. The need to stay connected and collaborate is still ever present, despite workers being distributed across the globe. For the last month I’ve drastically improved my setup by adding a Jabra 510 Speakerphone into the mix. After much… Read more →

More Video Coming - iPad Productivity

More Video Coming – iPad Productivity

To cross promote my recently released book ‘iPad Productivity Guide‘ [US Link] I’m going to be creating a video series that compliments the words. The plan is to take the content from most of the chapters and turn them into a video available on YouTube. I’m hoping that this will raise the profile of the book and encourage others to… Read more →

Not Fishing - Episode 3

Not Fishing – Episode 3

The latest instalment in the Not Fishing series where Matt Goymer and I have a chat about beer, band t-shirts, a Californian earthquake artefact amongst other things. The chat unfolds in a unplanned manner which is similar to how many of our unrecorded conversations go. Read more →

Experimenting with video casting

Video casting in public is too hard

Following on from the post about experimenting with video casting we found out that it’s too hard to do in public. We gave up pretty much straight away because we were unable to control the environment in places where the light was good – too many people. And in places that were nice and quiet the light levels were very… Read more →

Working Smarter is Smart Work

Working Smarter is Smart Work

Information workers these days need to take time to think about what they do and how they do it. Working Smarter allows you get things done quicker whilst you need to engage your grey matter. Take time to select the ONE THING [US Link] to do each day that will make everything either redundant or easier to complete. This one thing may jump… Read more →