Working Smarter is Smart Work

Working Smarter is Smart Work

Information workers these days need to take time to think about what they do and how they do it. Working Smarter allows you get things done quicker whilst you need to engage your grey matter. Take time to select the ONE THING [US Link] to do each day that will make everything either redundant or easier to complete. This one thing may jump… Read more →

Work Anywhere Experiment

Work anywhere experiment

So I’m doing a real life work anywhere experiment – working from home but not actually being at home. My wife and I are enjoying a lovely Easter Bank holiday in Devon and whilst my wife continues to have a nice break I’m going to be working during the day. We are renting a place for the rest of the… Read more →

Don't Wait for Approval

Don’t wait for approval

If you are interested in starting your own venture then there is no time like the present. No one is going to give you the approval you need to get going. In fact you are more likely to encounter detractors than supporters. Why detractors exist Detractors exist to help maintain the status quo. You shouldn’t have to look too far… Read more →

Why mobile workers should go paperless

Why become a paperless mobile worker

Mobile workers are the kind of people that spend a lot of time away from the office – or home for that matter. They will usually be equipped with some form of device (laptop or tablet) that will enable them to work wherever they happen to be. Rather than carrying around loads of paper, you should figure out how to… Read more →

Essential Tools for Mobile Working

4 Essential tools for mobile working anywhere

With the following tools you are set up to be able to carry out mobile working anywhere. This may because you are travelling whilst working or because you are a road warrior. Either way the tools are essentially the same but the outcome varies wildly dependant upon what you are capable of. 1. Smartphone with tethering / hotspot capability With… Read more →

Make the Paperless Dream a Reality

Making the paperless dream a reality

Most people I speak to cannot believe that I have only printed 4 sheets of A4 pieces of paper in 2013 – and these were for a system that couldn’t be done any other way. But in this modern world of digital communication and collaboration I find it hard to understand why more haven’t challenged the selves to make the… Read more →