Working Smarter is Smart Work

Working Smarter is Smart Work

Information workers these days need to take time to think about what they do and how they do it. Working Smarter allows you get things done quicker whilst you need to engage your grey matter. Take time to select the ONE THING [US Link] to do each day that will make everything either redundant or easier to complete. This one thing may jump out at you and reveal itself without effort. But other times you need to have a dig around before it becomes apparent.

It is likely that your one thing will take you 3 to 4 hours to complete. Make sure you set aside the time early on in your working day to get through the one thing. And if it’s the only thing you achieve that day then you should be satisfied that you’ve done this and not ten unimportant tasks.

Focus on Results

It is imperative that you change you mindset so that you focus on results rather than how long you spend on something. If your one thing only takes an hour to complete but delivers amazing results then pat yourself on the back – you are winning. The less time you spend on achieving something meaningful the better. This is how you hack your way to success and more potent results in the future.

A classic example of results orientated working would be to automate a task that routinely takes you a number of hours per day. By delivering yourself an automated system (which may take 4 hours or more to set up) you will save yourself hours, weeks and maybe even months of time in the future that can be better spent.

Don’t Work 9 to 5

The 9 to 5 day was constructed by owners of factories during the industrial revolution. During that time there was a direct correlation between amount of hours worked and output from the factory. So it made sense to make workers stick to a fixed shift pattern. These days smart workers shouldn’t be making themselves busy for the whole day. Instead they should get the important stuff done quickly and not worry about the rest. Busy-ness for the sake of it as this is a form of laziness.

As ridiculous as it sounds, not many people are aware of this. They’d rather work a shift, not be that bothered about what they’ve achieved and then head off home. Again, another form of laziness. Be mindful about what you do and how you do it. Be better than the others by thinking about how you can achieve more with less effort and you’ll join an elite group of smarter workers.


By working smarter you open up the opportunity to do more in less time. This in turn can free you up to do other stuff you love. When you do more of the stuff you love, the happier you are likely to become. Who doesn’t want to feel happier?

Are you a Smart Worker?

I’d love to hear if you are working smarter and hacking the system. Please send us a message or leave a comment and let us know your story.

If you want to read more about the One Thing then pick up the book from Amazon. [US Link]

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