Sending and receiving text messages on your Chromebook - Main Image

Sending and receiving text messages on your Chromebook

  Please note, this topic has been revisited more recently in this post. How would you like to send and receive SMS text messages from your Chromebook? Interested? Read on. Short Message Service (SMS) or text messages have been around since the dawn of mobile phones. To this day, they are still king for brief text-based conversations. Now, thanks to… Read more →

Better Skype, Lync, Hangouts and Conference Call Audio

Better Skype, Lync, Hangouts and Conference Call Audio

Many information workers these days will be accustomed to spending hours on the phone, Skype, Lync, Hangouts or part of conference calls. The need to stay connected and collaborate is still ever present, despite workers being distributed across the globe. For the last month I’ve drastically improved my setup by adding a Jabra 510 Speakerphone into the mix. After much… Read more →

Android Mini PC Media Centre

Build a cheap Android Media Centre

There has been an explosion of people wanting to use devices such as the Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku to watch media on the large screen. These gadgets allow you to stream media over the internet and are small enough to fling in a bag if you want that same experience elsewhere (internet access permitting). I’ve been experimenting with an… Read more →

Tablet Comparison

A guide to tablet comparison

If you are in the market for a new tablet device then this article will help you determine which is right for you. Before I start though I’d like to point out that there is no such thing as a perfect tablet. There may however be a tablet perfect for you. Going through the process of tablet comparison will help… Read more →

Asus Fonepad first thoughts

Asus Fonepad First Thoughts

I’ve been using the Asus Fonepad for a couple of days now and thought I’d share my initial thoughts. Phone The phone works well with a bluetooth car kit or headset. I’ve been using a pair of iPhone headphones which have an inline microphone. This avoids looking like a 1980’s reject with a massive phone next to your ear. 3G… Read more →